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“La acción es la clave fundamental de todo éxito.” 

Pablo Picasso


Forgive me bloggers, for I have sinned .. It has been 20 or so months since my last blog post and for that I am truly sorry.

A lot has happened since then .. highs (my first A*s in GCSE Spanish), lows (Ofsted) and much, much else in between.

Attending #ililc4 last weekend, and seeing first hand many of the amazing teachers who inspire me day to day, week to week as I lurk on the twitter sidelines, has given me renewed confidence to put out there a few thoughts without feeling like a right necky wazzock who should know her place.

Having watched #ililc3 from afar it was great to get there in person this year. I pretty much loved every ‘flipping’ minute of it. So I spent a few quiet moments today, while manning our school ‘Reflection’ room … err … reflecting on the weekend, and what its lasting legacy could be.

So here goes … I have decided to taking on board Rachel Smith’s Zen –like advice to her revising Y10s students which she shared at the Show and Tell.

The 20 Day Challenge Or Creating Good Habits

I am setting myself a 20 day challenge to use at least one new  #ililc4 idea every day (starting after half term so I have time to chuck them all in a google doc via a fruitmachine random generator thingy then appsmashingly mark them all using flubaroo or somint! :p)  .. oh and hopefully I’ll blog about how I get on too!

I would love to say I have the support of my family on this one but since returning, my non-tweeting husband has called me a geek on pretty much a half-hourly basis, but he has given Twitter another go and I am sure he will end up loving it as much, if not more than, I do.

Wish me luck peeps!

Oh and here’s the Hip Hop Phonics presentation from the Show and Tell if you want to have a nosey! 🙂

Hip Hop Phonics

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